Music: Better Days (June)

A photo of the calm after a different kind of storm in Boracay on May 2014, just because it reminds me of better days and it’s among the first photos I saw in my photo library.

On top of my head, these are my go-to songs on days I either want to get out of a funk or add music to times I see the world through rose-colored glasses and I notice an extra bounce in my steps. Twenty six songs–just because I made this playlist on the 26th of June–of different genre so there’s a possibility that from a song you’d listen to while chilling on a gloomy afternoon and engaging in a soliloquy, the next track is something you’d dance and celebrate to at events like Sinulog.

PS: It took me more than an hour to organize this playlist because every time I copied its link to this page, some tracks would go missing. Apparently, those songs in your Local Files won’t work in embedded playlists; you have to search and add its copy in Spotify.


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