Monday Report

In hopes of being more mindful of how I spend my waking hours, I decided to make a weekday report. It’s similar to many blogs’ Sunday Currently, except I added items to match my situation better. I was supposed to commit to posting this every Wednesdaywhere a mid-week crisis, otherwise known as a time you question whether your week is forming the way you planned it on Sunday evening, usually ensuesbut some weekdays appear to have more epiphanies and intense emotions.

Also, I figured this would serve as a regular writing prompt to heighten self-awareness and force me to practice putting my thoughts into words. I have experienced writing only to meet deadlines which, I felt, made my brain rusty.

Need to

finish writing all the articles for a magazine.

I have yet to discover what works for me best: breaking down a giant task into less overwhelming bits and accomplish one every day, or turning into Superwoman mode and finish a significant portion, if not the entire piece, in one sitting. Of course the former is more ideal and is suggested by productivity articles but I somehow find myself often applying the later.The feeling of being in the zone and thriving under pressure, given that I enjoy the process, is incomparable.

Have been meaning to

clean my closet.

To paraphrase an excerpt from The Happiness Project, fewer choices equate to more freedom. As a Ted Talk suggests, “[more] choices have made us not freer but more paralyzed, not happier but more dissatisfied.”

Other than the unhealthy stress I briefly encounter upon opening a messy pile of clothes and failing to find a shirt I haven’t worn in a while, knowing more choices can leave me dissatisfied give me more than enough reason to declutter my closet. This is why my brother dreads accompanying me to buy a pair of shoes or a dress: Even if I already like a pair, I look for more options in case I’d find something better. I dislike the feeling brought by realizing I could have bought something better at a lower price and convincing myself what I have is enough. Sometimes, I even end up going home with nothing. (Please tell me I’m not the only person who can relate to this.)

Anyway, I wonder why I still keep dresses and shirts which I would wear in public only to encourage people to mock me. That leopard-print sleeveless top, silky green tube dress, colorful stone-heavy sandals. As with other things like paper, I’m a pack rat when it comes to clothing mainly because sentiments and memories are tied with these times. These are tangible proofs of moments I fondly look back at.

I wore that top to a pizza date with fourth year high school classmates when we were still testing the waters of this thing called college. I wore that dress to a debut of a good friend I barely talk to now. I wore that pair of sandals during my freshman year when I constantly convinced myself this person I really liked (note the past tense) was just testing my reaction—yet it turned out he reciprocated my feelings. That’s an altogether different story.

My scale of work is not on the same level as Mark Zuckerberg’s but I highly agree with his reason for wearing the same shirt every day. “I really want to clear my life to make it so that I have to make as few decisions as possible about anything except how to best serve this community.”

I’m neither a follower of fashion trends nor do I make a living out of fashion, so this bright pink top with puffy sleeves has to go.


In relation to cleaning my closet: a blog on minimalism I recently discovered.


Brief rant: Some drivers need to take a break from the road and take classes on road etiquette, while some pedestrians need to know the street isn’t their runway. How. Can. You. Not. Follow. Such. Simple. Rules.


Excited for our short Camiguin getaway this week and slightly anxious of the unchecked items in my to-do list.

Eating and drinking

A bowl of mueslix in milk and a Cheddar snack mix. The latter is brought by my mother who teaches my brother and I a lesson on proactivity every week. The sight of her bringing a bag of Cheetos and similar snacks makes us heave a sigh, as we realize how our willpower will be put to test.

Water, also known as the nectar of the gods. I have taught myself to choose water every time and completely give up sugary beverages, except when celebrating with drinks. Look at the nutrition label of juices and soft drinks. Do you really want those 20+ grams of sugar?


A playlist on 8tracks; to be specific, A-Punk by Vampire Weekend. Unpopular opinion: I still prefer 8tracks over Spotify. No annoying ads, wider range of more personal and specific mixtapes.


Making a list of things I need and want to accomplish before I go to Camiguin. I am that type of procrastinator; other times, I’m an unbelievably horrible combination of everything.

Anxious of

Waiting for a reply. This is not, in any way, related to romantic and exclusive relationships.

Thankful for

The electricity. I took a nap in the afternoon and woke up bathed in my sweat. Talk about an automatic sauna at home.


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