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22 points on 22

My teenage self might have found these a surprise. My future self might either inculcate or disagree. Here are notes to self that have accumulated in 22 years:

  1. The only limits I should believe are the ones I set upon myself.
  2. All people are smart but in different ways. Nobody is dumb; some either lack knowledge and understanding or are willfully ignorant. 😬
  3. I’m glad I have unintentionally mastered the art of laughing at myself. And at my jokes, sometimes.
  4. My toughest competitor is myself. Success is typically defined as being superior to others yet nothing compares to realizing I’ve outdone myself.
  5. Comparing myself to others is pointless. Learn from aspects worth emulating but never measure my abilities against theirs. Go at my own pace.
  6. Some of the best things in life: long walks at sunset right before darkness sets in, conversations without incessant phone-checking, clouds worth appreciating, and rainy days with cold breeze and petrichor. 
  7. There are different kinds of fun. It can be watching a movie with my family, going out with friends, or having a much needed alone time.
  8. Written exchanges over the Internet are prone to misinterpretation. 
  9. Outgrowing things that my younger self deemed indispensable is normal.
  10. People I constantly surround myself with can heavily influence what I consider normal and acceptable. 
  11. Writing is an effective form of catharsis that helps present matters in a bigger picture.
  12. Things can be worse in my head than they actually are.
  13. My thoughts can become my reality. That is, if I see studying as an abyss of the difficult and impossible, I’d find reasons for my situation to match my expectations.
  14. In choosing a path, interest alone is not enough. Having a clear reason and purpose for others is as essential.
  15. Passion is not found; it doesn’t fall magically on my lap. It is cultivated.
  16. One of the most fulfilling moments is having contributed to people’s growth and know how then seeing them improve.
  17. Misery can be caused by clinging to past events or an older version of myself.
  18. No matter how awful or mundane a day, there is always a reason to be grateful.
  19. How I say it is as important as what I say.
  20. Words can reaffirm and-or shift perspective. Read more.
  21. Acknowledge and label a wide spectrum of emotions, all of which are valid.
  22. I can always choose to become better.

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